Top 10 Marketing Must-do’s for 2010

It is time! Over the last few years, we’ve endured a roller-coaster ride of marketing budgets. From extravagant sponsorships of flawed personalities (like a certain golf icon) to slashing even our prospecting budgets (gasp$#@!!), our businesses are now trying to play catch-up to the current state of the union! But you need to get ahead of the curve. Business leaders are beginning to understand that the first ones to promote themselves in this up-swinging economy will have the largest share of the pie. So you won’t want to miss these posts. They’ll give you some valuable tools to implement this year.

In the next 10 weeks, I’ll be posting my top 10 list of Marketing Must Do’s.
I’ll also be presenting these ideas at the next Lunch & Learn for Focused Business Solutions.

So subscribe to our feed & you’ll learn how to make your mark for 2010…courtesy of BlackDot Creative Marketing Co.


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  1. Excited to see what’s to come! It’s very important people realize the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media.

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