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Just don’t go crazy with it, again try to make it as relevant as possible for your customer.  All this social networking can work for you or against you, depending on how you use it.  It gives you more ways to communicate with your customers in a medium where they opt-in to receive your feeds.  Or in the case of YouTube, on a site that feeds your content to them.  But if the content is not useful for your customer, they’ll get turned off really fast.

When used strategically, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, facebooks can strengthen your relationship with the customer and make them feel part of your brand.

I know many are still leery of this form of advertising, but just so you know what’s going on “out there”…

Companies saying that they will significantly increase their spend in:
•    Social Media with an indicated 25%
•    Online advertising with 17%
•    Search Engine Advertising at 20%
Compare this to companies saying they would significantly increase spending in traditional media:
•    TV at 3%
•    Print Advertising at 1%

So you really should consider entering this arena – not only to remain competitive, but to progress your business as well.


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