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Talk it up!


Start a blog.  But if you’re reading this – you probably already have one.

This may change by next year, but for now a blog site is a fabulous way to interact with our customer.  It allows your company’s personality to come through.  It allows for customer’s to comment on your thoughts which makes them feel part of your company in a way that a corporate web site cannot.  It allows you to showcase your expertise in your field.

But try to avoid posting random thoughts or rant about some topic that does not resonate with your customer’s interests.  Your blog should be relevant and useful for your customer so you can get the most out of developing a relationship with them.

Perhaps more importantly than the traditional (sometimes stodgy) company web site is a blog site. If you don’t have a blog web site, you should consider creating one before 2010 is over. People appreciate being able to interact with the brands they patronize. The most techie advanced blog sites allow you to customize everything from adding your logo to feeding from your tweets. It allows everything to feed into one place and export from it as well. Your fans can post comments that can give validity to your point of view.

Not to mention, a blog is great for SEO.  The web crawlers & algorithms look for relevant keywords in the topics you discuss and rank them.

But a word of caution, your blog site should be consistent in it’s branding to your other touch points. So I would recommend getting professional assistance when designing it.


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