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Have a little soul


If the Haiti tragedy taught us nothing else, it’s that we all have a strong sense of goodness. We long to connect with something meaningful & even possess a sense of responsibility to do so. To recognize there is a need…and to fill that need. George Clooney’s a great actor but what comes to mind for most of us is his generosity.  To organize the HOPE for Haiti event so quickly with so much celebrity support…amazing influence.

A great company does “good” in the world….contributes, connects. Your company should have a social strategy that gets you out there in the community building rapport…building relationships.

With all this tweeting, posting, texting, joining, etc going on (and they are all an integral part of your social media strategy) – people still long for a personal connection. It’s personal interaction that really builds relationships. So get a little soul…it will help define your company personality. It will help brand you.


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